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LAST CHANCE: Penguins @ Wild 2016

The defending Stanley Cup Champion Pittsburgh Penguins come to town Friday, November 25th which is the day after the Stillers take on the Colts which will be the day after Thanksgiving.

Due to a change in ticket policies from the Wild if we want to attend the game we will have one opportunity to purchase tickets.

Steelers @ Eagles 2016

Thursday, September 22, 2016 - 3:15am
Doors open at: 
2:30 P.M.

Round 1 goes to the good guys! On a rainy day in the Burgh, the Steelers toughed their way to a 24-16 victory over the Bungles. Couple that with the Pirates taking three out of four games against the Reds this past weekend, this probably was the worst week in Cincinnati since Les Nessman and WKRP’s infamous Turkey Drop! (You younger fans will need to research that one).

There is another big game this week as the Battle of Pennsylvania looms and there is only one place to check out the action…

The Stillers travel to Philadelphia as East meets West in the Battle of Pennsylvania. The Iggles are 2-0 and coming off of a 29-14 victory over the Chicago Bears. Leading the Iggles is rookie quarterback Carson Wentz who has led the team to and actually has people in the city of brotherly love in a good mood.

SFoMinn Specials at McGovern's

Patrick McGovern's is looking forward to the Steelers season and provided us the scoop on specials:

Change of Venue for Holiday Games

Due to two of the games falling on Thanksgiving and Christmas, we will need to move our viewing party, due to McGovern’s being closed. However, we will have a temporary home for these games and you will not need directions to get there.


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