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Thank you letter from Second Harvest

Second Harvest Heartland

December 5, 2016

Mr. Ed Buechel / Steelers Fans of Minnesota
4562 Oak Chase Circle
Eagan, MN 55123-1813

Dear Ed,

With your help and the generosity of the Steelers Fans of Minnesota, we were able to provide 36,177 meals to local families in need!

Your gifts of $4,393, most of which was matched $2 for $1 by Bank of America's Give a Meal Campaign, contributed a total of $12,059 to our fight to end hunger. Your extra push this year allowed us to provide an additional 717 more meals on your group's behalf than in 2015!

Your support helps transform the lives of so many children, families and seniors in our community who need our support. Hunger has doubled in our service area over the past five years. Today, 40% of the people we serve are children under the age of 18. Here in the breadbasket of the world's wealthiest nation, there's simply no reason our neighbors should have to go without food tonight.

I'm continually inspired by the incredible generosity displayed by supporters like you. Together, we're turning hunger into hope for so many people who need our help, if even for a short time until they get back on their feet. With your help, we're distributing more fresh, nutritious food than ever - more than 35% of the 77 million pounds of food that passed through our doors in the last year was fresh - meats,  dairy, bakery and produce - some of the most costly and difficult foods to obtain for those in need.

When you support Second Harvest Heartland, you're helping ensure that children receive the nutrition they need to develop strong minds and bodies; that seniors remain strong and independent; and that working families can better manage their budgets, eliminating the need to make difficult choices between food and other necessities.

Thank you for your genuine display of goodwill during a difficult time for so many people. Tonight, a family will sit down to a plentiful meal at their dinner table, and give thanks for you.


Anne Rodenberg
Major and Planned Gift Officer

P.S. From bagging potatoes into family-sized portions to packing boxes for low-income seniors, we have a variety of volunteer opportunities to choose from. If you or someone you know is interested in volunteering at Second Harvest Heartland, visit to sign up today!

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